Sustainable development

Sustainable development

Since 2002, the Course de L’Escalade has been resolutely committed to sustainable development.

The growing importance of our event and the enthusiasm it generates among the public have naturally led us to take on this responsibility, which must reconcile social equity, environmental preservation and economic efficiency. We have included our race in the objectives of Agenda 21 of the City and Canton of Geneva, as well as those pursued by the Federal Office for Development.

In addition, our committee, with the voluntary help of Jonathan Normand (B Lab), decided to prepare a report on the environmental, social and economic impacts generated by the Course de l’Escalade.

This responsible citizen approach has enabled us to take concrete, measurable actions in favor of sustainable development, the main ones of which are as follows :

Respect for the environment

In collaboration with partner companies SERBECO SA and PROP SA, waste sorting and recovery centers (PET, paper, glass, etc.) have been set up on the Promenade des Bastions.

The Course de l’Escalade chose SIG’s Vitale Vert electricity to power the entire event.

Honda electric cars open the races, driven by TCS professinals.

The tents are heating by bio-fuel.

The major part of our publications are printed on recycled paper.


Advice on protecting health through sport in a festive and convivial setting with the Geneva University Hospitals.

Promotion of ethics and deontology in individual behavior, fight against doping.

Link with Cipret, Carrefour addictionS, fight against smoking and alcohol.

Combating sedentary lifestyles and obesity, particularly among children, through the Sant ” e ” scalade program.

Promotion of running and sport in general through the organization of the Course de l’Escalade and joint training sessions open to all.

Eau de Genève

Since 2009, participants have been supplied with water at the finish line using Eau de Genève from SIG, which helps to limit waste at the event. The excellent quality of tap water in Geneva is up to 1000 times more environmentally friendly than bottled water.


Geographical repartition

The Course de l’Escalade gathers a large number of local runners. In 2023, the geographical repartition was :

  • 88 % Grand Genève
  • 9 % Other Cantons
  • 2 % France
  • 1% Other Countries

They support us

Thanks to our sustainability partners for their invaluable help in promoting the information and positive impacts of the Course de l’Escalade on its environment and community.