Eco-design policy

  • Objective and target audience

The aim of the site is to inform the general public about the Escalade race, a flagship sporting event in Geneva, Switzerland. In addition to general information, the site offers the possibility of registering for the event, following participants’ performances, accessing the media and an online shop.

  • Eco-responsible hosting

Our site is hosted by Infomaniak, a company known for its commitment to sustainability. The electricity needed to run the site is 60% hydroelectric power and 40% green energy (solar power and hydraulic structures that respect natural waterways and fish). The company outlines its commitments on its Ecology page.

  • Optimised content

We are committed to limiting the use of heavy content. Videos are hosted on YouTube to lighten the load on the site, and images are carefully optimised for the web using the WordPress extension, Imagify. Our approach aims to ensure a smooth user experience while minimising the carbon footprint.

  • Maintenance and updates

The site is regularly maintained and updated. This ensures the sustainability of the site and avoids energy- and resource-intensive redesigns.

  • Performance

Using tools such as Google Page Insight, GTMetrix and Pingdom Tools, we will monitor and optimise site performance. Using WPRocket also encourages code minification, progressive image loading and caching to speed up loading times.

  • Accessibility

We have taken steps to ensure that the site complies with WCAG A standards, with some consideration for AA standards.

  • Training

Our development and content team is trained in eco-design best practice, with a particular focus on the optimal management of heavy content, such as images and videos.

  • Feedback

We encourage feedback and suggestions for improving the eco-design of our site. As a visitor, you are invited to share your ideas via our contact page.

  • Statistics and measurements

We will be using Website Carbon to regularly assess the carbon impact of our website. This tool will allow us to measure our digital footprint and adjust our practices to reduce our impact. In addition, we will use page load time tools to ensure that resources are optimised in terms of weight, in order to reduce the energy resources needed to keep the site running smoothly.

  • Eco-responsible partnerships

Working with partners such as SERBECO SA and PROP SA, and using resources such as Vitale Vert electricity from SIG, we are committed to implementing environmentally-friendly practices throughout the event.

This eco-design policy reflects our commitment to a sustainable web approach. We thank our users for their support and understanding as we continue to evolve and improve our site in this direction.