FlexiMix Races

Ranking & Rewards

The FlexiMix Race is a non-competitive race, where having fun in moving is the most important Therefore, there are no rankings or rewards. A net time is recorded and published alphabetically.

Runners distribution

Participants start this race and choose before or during their race to run 1, 2 or 3 laps. A sign is present after 1 lap at the junction of the segments "final sprint to the finish" and "start of the 2nd or 3rd and last lap" in order to facilitate the switchover.

  • Rue de la Croix-Rouge
  • Parc des Bastions

DECEMBER, 4 2022


2.341 km
+49 m / -58 m
Temps net enregistré
4.832 km
+102 m / -111 m
Temps net enregistré
7.323 km
+155 m / -164 m
Temps net enregistré