Marmite race

DECEMBER 7, 2024

  • Ranking & Prizes

    La Course de la Marmite is a non-competitive race where the important is to have fun and move. As such, there are no ranking or award. A net time is recorded and published alphabetically.

  • Runners distribution

    Everyone beeing born in 2020 and before can participate ! This friendly race invites you to get together with family, friends or colleagues.

Start :

Rue de la Croix-Rouge

Finish :

Parc des Bastions

Discover the route –


Put on your best disguise and take part in the competition organized by UBS !

Due to tramways and trolleybus cables and the height of the walkways (3m), bulky costumes are not permitted. The organizer reserves the right to prevent them from leaving. If in doubt, please contact the organizer in advance. Competitors who cause an accident because of their disguise will be held solely responsible.

Offensive costumes are prohibited.


3.593 km distance

+82 m / -92 m elevation

Net time recorded

Route mapping