Social commitments

The Course de l’Escalade has an inclusive approach and works with various partners to make running and volunteering more accessible to all. Find out more about our partners and their actions.

Hospice Général

As a key player in Geneva’s “mieux-vivre ensemble”, Hospice général works to ensure that everyone has a place in the community and can make a contribution.

Present in over 50 locations throughout the canton, Hospice général’s mandate is to prevent social exclusion. To this end, it devotes most of its activity to providing social assistance to Geneva residents and to welcoming asylum seekers.

It provides social and financial support to help people temporarily facing hardship to regain lasting autonomy. It organizes and encourages actions aimed at cohesion, exchange and mutual aid.

It also carries out other preventive and information tasks for all categories of the population.

Sport is also recognized as a powerful vehicle for integration. To this end, the Hospice général encourages partnerships and organizes numerous events that enable beneficiaries to participate fully in Geneva’s sporting life. For them, these are opportunities to break out of their isolation, showcase their skills, and meet and forge links with the people of Geneva.

Fondation Partage

Partage is the canton of Geneva’s food bank, fighting daily against hunger and waste.

Its mission is based on the three pillars of sustainable development, and addresses social, environmental and economic issues.

It combats food insecurity by supplying foodstuffs and hygiene products to partner institutions.
It fights against food waste by collecting unsold goods and recycling perishable foodstuffs through innovative projects.
It helps people who have lost touch with the world of work to reintegrate into society through integration measures, individualized support and training.

Blanchisserie Tourbillon

The result of an unprecedented collaboration between three Geneva-based social enterprises, the Tourbillon laundry offers a unique and innovative approach that combines social inclusion, ecological efficiency and economic performance, for the good of the community. It offers an unparalleled employment and vocational training ecosystem for people in difficult situations, as well as unrivalled know-how in the laundry trades thanks to the three partner institutions.

Boasting an ultra-modern 1,500 m2 structure adapted to disabled people, the laundry is based on the barrier principle of separating dirty and clean linen processing areas. This guarantees optimum microbiological hygiene levels. A number of innovative technologies, some of them unprecedented, have been implemented to meet environmental challenges, notably the water treatment system, which enables over 80% of water to be recycled. All equipment has been designed to optimize ergonomics and reduce water, energy and detergent consumption.

The choice of quality that rhymes with social and environmental commitment!