Poster prenstation

Every 5th edition of the Course de l’Escalade, the poster is realized by Exem, one of the most popular artist of Geneva, well known for his unique world and his unlimited imagination. He unveils his work, which borrows many references, notably from the tales of the Arabian Nights. It also features many of Geneva’s most emblematic symbols.

Exem tells :

For this new poster, I started from the idea that the Course de l’Escalade had become something of a Geneva fairy tale over the years. Hence the idea of putting childhood in the spotlight, something that had never been done before, through the intermediary of a little girl and a little boy playing in an attic of memory. In this wonderland, the Marmite de l’Escalade plays the role of Aladdin’s lamp, from which springs a whole stream of runners (45, who knows why?) and a kindly, gigantic Duke of Savoy, depicted, as I’m wont to do, in the guise of a cat. Like a true genius, he invites the delighted children to take part in the race.
In this Ali Baba’s cave, all the objects, mainly books, have a commemorative function. For example, the Hachette album with the predestined title for this poster, Mickey and Aladdin, came out just 70 years ago, in 1953 – a double wink, since the Disney brothers founded their company in 1923. To the right of the poster, a Titeuf figurine reminds us that he was created by Zep 30 years ago, and extends the festivities around him. The presence of Lucky Luke’s album Le Grand Duc (how’s that for a poster announcing the Course du Duc!) was also necessary, as this year not only marks the 100th anniversary of the birth of Morris, creator of Lucky Luke, but also the 50th anniversary of this album. The rest is just like it. It’s up to the viewer…”

Geneva’s own symbols include the Reformers’ Wall and a representation of an existing paper model of St. Peter’s Cathedral.