Poster prenstation

After completing her studies in graphic design, Fanny Modena entered the Ecole Supérieure de BD et d’Illustration, after which she published her first work entitled “Cocktail”, published by Antipodes. In 2022, Ciné Transat asked her to design the official sign.

Selected by the organizing committee to design the poster for the 46th Course de l’Escalade, the young Geneva-based author came up with a dark and totally original concept. She chose to play with light and shadow, while maintaining a link with the story. At the center is Mère Royaume, surrounded by a plethora of runners.

When asked how she came up with the poster, Fanny Modena replies:

The idea came to me very last, after I’d done lots of totally different sketches. I went to a virtual reality event on the Escalade, at night of course, and there were lots of light effects. I thought it would be interesting to play with light and shadow: graphically, but also symbolically, because the attack by the Savoy troops took place at nightfall, and the Escalade race takes place partly at night

Fanny Modena – Illustrator of the 46th Course de l’Escalade poster

The artist explains:

This poster is symbolic: the Course de l’Escalade is above all a time for sharing, and the aim is not to win.

Fanny Modena – Illustrator of the 46th Course de l’Escalade poster