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Ranking & Rewards

Ranking by age category, net time (except race 1: gross time) The first five runners of each category will be rewarded under the tent located in the Promenade des Bastions (and the first 3 runners of categories with less than 100 participants).

Runners distribution

Mixted blocks are made at the end of the registrations, depending on the number of participants and the estimated time (estimated by the participant during registration).

  • Rue de la Croix-Rouge
  • Parc des Bastions

DECEMBER, 3 2022

FROM 12:00 AM

bloc d'allure
4.832 km (2 tours)
+102 m / -111 m
Temps brut
7.323 km (3 tours)
+155 m / -164 m
Temps brut