Spirit of the race

The Course de l’Escalade is a massive and popular sport event in Geneva gathering an important number of participants; more than 40’000 in 2019. This race is the first pedestrian race in Switzerland and one of the most important in Europe.

The event focuses on a double mission :

  1. The race must be popular, welcoming and benevolent, a way to raise awarness of regular physical activity.
  2. The race must be highly competitive and interesting for international elit athletes in order to offer a beautiful show and to set exemple for the youth.

Conviviality, positivity and professionalism bring together public institutions, sponsors and partners, schools and associations working together in a collective effort to promote the values of the race: fun, respect, solidarity, integration and excellence.


Our values


Nearly 1’300 volunteers are necessary to make this event.


Even more than a real competition, the race is synonyme of sharing, joy and friendship.


If rules must be respected by all runners with fairplay, we wish that everybody show respect on the location, neighbors, policemen or everybody met during the event.


Helping each others, mutual understanding and generosity. Every year a host of honor is showing his social cause.


The race respects and welcomes the different audiences, runners and volunteers as they are and strives to erase all physical and social differences.


Demand, surpassing oneself and effort dictate the organization’s work to offer high quality services every year.