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Gift of self

More than 1300 volunteers are needed to ensure the smooth running of the event.

Become a volunteer


If the rules have to be followed by the participants with fair-play, respect - more than sporty - applies also towards the used locations, the inhabitants, the publics forces, or anybody acquaintanced during the organisation and the running of the event


Even more than a competition, the Course is a festive event mixing sharing, joy and friendship



Mutual aid and understanding, as well as generosity, are expressed through the promotion, each year, of a guest of honor invited to highlight their social cause.

Guest of honor


The Course respects and welcomes different types of public, runners and volunteers as they are and do it's nest to erase any physical and social differences


The involvment, the surpassing of oneself and the taste of the effort dictate the work of the organization to offer each year services of high quality.

Spirit of the Course

A joyful sporting and popular event, the Course de l’Escalade gathers, every first weekend of December, an impressive number of runners: they were more than 40’000 participants in 2019, positioning the event, and by far, in the first place of pedestrian races in Switzerland and among the most important in Europe.
The subtlety of the event lies in the double mission that its Committee has given itself.

  • The Course must be popular, welcoming and beneficial to the community by raising awareness of the benefits of regular physical activity.
  • The race must be highly competitive and intersting for the national and international elites, who offer a quality show and serve as an example to young people.

This ingenious mix of joy and seriousness brings together public institutions, sponsors and partners, schools and associations in a collective effort, in the magic of the Geneva winter, to promote the values of the Course: fun, respect, solidarity, integration and excellence.

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