General rules and regulations of the Course de l’Escalade 2022

The following are subject to the present regulations: the running races in the Old Town of Geneva, including the Marmite and the Walking event, as well as the 4 joint training sessions (hereafter and in the absence of specific reference to a particular event, collectively “the Course”). Registration and participation in one of these events, as well as in one of the various training sessions, implies the express acceptance by each participant of the present Rules published before the Course on (section “Participate”).


The Escalade Race is organized by the eponymous association. The 44th edition will be held on Saturday, December 3 and Sunday, December 4, 2022.


Registration for all events is open from September 14 to November 14, 2022.

The race « parents-children » is open for children born in 2017 or 2018. One accompanist of minimum 16 years old must run with the child, with a bib « Accompanist ».

The Walking event is open to adults and children born in 2012 or earlier.

The relay is open to participants born in 2008 or earlier, and is made up of runners of the same sex or mixed.

Junior races are open to participants born in 2003 and 2004.

The other events, including the Marmite, are open to adults and children born in 2016 or earlier.  Anyone not currently suspended for doping by WA is eligible to register. The organizer reserves the right to exclude a participant with a history of cheating. Registrations are personal, firm and final, and cannot be refunded for any reason whatsoever. No transfer of registration is permitted for any reason. No registration fee will be refunded if the Course cannot be organized or only partially organized. In this case, the Course de l’Escalade will pay the registration fees, minus the costs already incurred, to the Fondation de la Course de l’Escalade. The participant must register for each start he/she wishes to participate in and use the bib corresponding to that start.

Participants must register for the event of their choice, respecting the constraints of dates of birth and gender. The strict criteria for participation, whether mandatory or not, in the Escaladélite are set out below. Participants who do not meet these criteria are free to register for the race of their choice.

The Escaladélite race will take place on the traditional course, over 3 laps (7.323 km), for both men and women. In this Escaladelite race, the International Elite, high level international, national and regional athletes, invited by the organizer, take the start.
Other confirmed runners, from Juniors onwards, also take part in this race, under the following conditions:

  1. Male athletes, born between 1983 and 2002 included (Men’s cat. I and II), having achieved in 2021 a performance below:

    – i.e., over 2 laps, a performance of less than 17 minutes 45 seconds

    – i.e., over 3 laps, a performance of less than 27 minutes

    must register in the Escaladélite category.

  2. Female athletes, born between 1983 and 2002 inclusive (Women’s cat. I and II), having achieved in 2021:

– i.e., over 2 rounds, a performance of less than 21 minutes

– i.e., over 3 laps, a performance of less than 32 minutes

must register in the Escaladélite race.

  1. Male athletes who, in 2021, have achieved a time of less than 30 minutes over 3 laps without having reached the limit mentioned in the previous paragraph a), may participate in the Escaladélite race and the organizer will encourage them to take the start of the latter. However, they may choose to participate in another category.
  2. Women athletes who have achieved, in 2021:

– a time of less than 23 minutes over 2 laps

– or a time of less than 35 minutes over 3 laps without having reached the limits mentioned in paragraph b) above,

can participate in the Escaladélite race and the organizer encourages them to do so. However, they may choose to participate in another category.

Athletes who don’t have an historic in 2021 but can justify having run in a official recent race and on a similar or sperior distance, at an average speed of 15km/h for men and 12.5km/h for women can register at Escaladelite but have to send a justification to the secretariat before the end of registrations at If no proof is sent, they will be registered in the pace blocks.

Participants who do not have a performance certificate justifying their pace and who do not have a reference time in 2021 are admitted to the Escaladélite under the following conditions:
– for women: minimum average pace of 12.5km/h
– for men: minimum average pace of 15km/h
Participants who do not meet any of the above conditions will automatically be moved to the respective scheduled races, as soon as the scheduled registration closes and without any possible appeal.


Bibs are given out on presentation of an ID, at the places and times indicated on Registrants via Datasport or in our offices must present either the online confirmation received at the time of registration or the receipt that was given to them. The bib will not be distributed without proof of identity. A competitor who has not collected his or her envelope at least 1 hour before the start of the race will not be admitted to the start of the race. The registration fee will not be refunded. No participant will be admitted to the start of the race without a bib. It must be visibly attached to the chest and not folded. Runners registered in a group are asked to contact the group leader to coordinate the collection of the bib envelopes.

For the relay races and the parent-child races, two bibs are distributed at the Escaladexpo at the indicated location. The set of bibs is distributed in one go.


In order to ensure the smooth running of the various races, warm-ups are absolutely forbidden on the entire race track. Exception to the rules are high level athletes participating in Écolier(ère) A, Cadet(te)s, Junior(e)s and l’Escaladélite, whom bib is caracterized by a special dot (criteria here Runners: these runners are allowed to warm up on Rue de la Croix-Rouge for the first 150 meters of the course, before their departure. The organizer may also exceptionally authorize an athlete for special reasons to benefit from these special conditions. Furthermore, on demand at before november 25, a special dot can be granted to an athlete in Écolier(ère) A /Cadet(te)e / Junior(e) (inluded in the races by pace blocks or Escaladélite) who doesn’t gave a time reference on the Course de l’Escalade route but who can prove of a podium (first, second or third place) in a national athletism competition of cross or route race during the year.

Departures and arrivals (Walking not concerned)

The start of all races is at the beginning of the Rue de la Croix-Rouge, on the Place Neuve side. It is recommended that participants get there early. From the Promenade des Bastions, it is recommended to take the various footbridges inside the park.

The starting area is divided into several sectors, according to age (for youths) or time value (for adults); each participant is urged to place himself in the sector that meets these criteria. The organizer appeals to the sportsmanship of each competitor so that the scrupulous respect of these instructions allows harmonious departures, all the more so as each competitor will be able to have his net time thanks to the timing belt installed on the starting line.

For all races, access to the starting area is only from the Place Neuve, at the bottom of the Rue de la Croix-Rouge. It is indicated that the starting area from the Place Neuve to the bottom of the Rue de la Croix-Rouge is exclusively reserved for the participants, the public not having access to it. For some races, special arrangements are made, namely:

Device race ” parents-children ” :

The start of the race is located at the beginning of the Rue de la Croix-Rouge and the finish on the Promenade des Bastions. Parents and children move into the starting area as they arrive in their starting area. Successive starting waves may be introduced depending on the number of participants for the safety of the participants. Only pairs with the same number can start. Throughout the race, the duos must run side by side.

Poussin(ne)s and Ecolier(e)s device:

Start:  The start area will be marked out by vaubans with gantries, where volunteers from our organization will take care of the children. These volunteers will accompany them to their departure area. Arrival : Children’s village – reunion of parents and children for Poussin(e)s and Ecolier(e)s. Parents or accompanying adults can meet their children after the race at the Children’s Village located in the upper right-hand part of the Promenade des Bastions at the place called “La Crypte”, on the Rue De-Candolle side. In order to avoid a rush, we ask that only one parent (or accompanying adult) pick up their child. In case, despite the precautions taken, a child should get lost, he/she will surely be taken care of by the ladies of the “Red Riding Hood” and brought to their reception tent located near the Children’s Village. All the details concerning the children can be found in the “Guidelines for parents” contained in the bib envelopes and published on the Internet. We strongly recommend that parents or guardians explain these guidelines to their children and reconnoiter the area together before the race.

Cadet device, Pace block races, Junior races, Escaladélite and FlexiMix races, Marmite :

Each participant must respect the day and time of the race chosen at the time of registration and, if applicable, the assigned block, under penalty of disqualification.

Relay device :

The start of the relay race is located at the beginning of the Rue de la Croix-Rouge and the finish on the Promenade des Bastions. A transition zone is located on the top of the Parc des Bastions. The participants undertake to respect the system set up, in particular the methods of transmission of the relay. Number of relay is to be 300. Participants will be lent a chip baton which they must return at the end of the race. For any witness not returned, the Race reserves the right to claim a compensation of 40CHF from the participant who did not pay for the material.

Sunday FlexiMix Device :

Participants start this race and choose before or during their race to run 1, 2 or 3 laps. A sign is present at the junction of the segment indicating the final sprint to the finish to facilitate the switch. Runners wishing to finish after 1 or 2 laps are asked to keep to the right, those wishing to continue to the left side of the course.

Walking arrival

The Walking is neutralized Starduay, december 3 at 10pm.


The timing is done by electronic chip, in the form of 2 strips, integrated into the number, which must not be removed from the number or damaged in any way. Timing mats are placed at the start, also for the Walking, on the course and at the finish of the races. These mats are used to detect any participant who does not follow the official course and who, as a result, is not classified.


Respect of the route

Each participant must follow the official route for reasons of safety and fairness to other competitors. In case of non-compliance, the organizer will disqualify the competitor.

Prohibitions and tolerances on the route

Bicycles, wheeled or motorized vehicles, except those of the organization and dogs are prohibited on the course, for all races (including walking). The use of nordic walking poles on the route is forbidden for safety reasons; in this respect, the organizer reserves the right to take them and return them to their owner only at the end of the walking.

For the walking and the marmite only, wheelchairs (motorized or not) of disabled persons, as well as schooners, are allowed, provided that all start at the end of the pack and that other participants are not disturbed.
Strollers are allowed for the Marmite only.

Off route

Escaladélite: for reasons of sporting fairness and safety, the organizer reserves the right to disqualify participants who are too slow at the end of the first lap (for men: 1st lap 10 minutes, 2nd lap 20 minutes – for women: 1st lap 13 minutes 30, 2nd lap 27 minutes).

Walking : the walkers who would not pass at certain predefined places before the mentioned time (details on would be overtaken by the broom wagon and have the choice either to go up in this last one, or to continue the course without any supervision and under their total responsibility. In the latter case, they have the obligation to remove their bib.

Rankings and special awards

The classification of the children from Poussin(e)s to Junior(e)s of the Course de l’Escalade, as well as the participants of the Escaladélite races and those of the races 1 by blocks of pace are established on the basis of the gross time, i.e. the time elapsed between the gun shot and the crossing of the finishing line. On the other hand, the classification of races 2, 3 and 4 by pace blocks are based on the net time, i.e., the time elapsed between the crossing of the timing belt installed on the start line and the finish line.

Special prizes will be awarded to the best in each category: those concerned will be notified by SMS, if they have registered for the free service ” SMS Service ” and are asked to come to the Escaladexpo podium at the time indicated on the day to receive their prize. Attendance is mandatory and no prizes will be mailed.

The  FlexiMix , the  Parents-children , the  Marmite  and the Walking are non-competitive events; therefore, the ranking, based on net time, is established in alphabetical order only with the time result indicated and no prize-giving is foreseen for these races.

Regarding the relay, 3 rankings will be established according to the net time, one ranking for the men relay, one for the women relay and one for the mix relay. Special prizes will be awarded to the first 3 relays of each category mentioned above. The persons concerned will be notified by sms, in case of registration to the free service ” SMS Service ” and are requested to come to the Escaladexpo podium at the indicated time on the same day to receive their prize. Attendance is mandatory and no prizes will be mailed. 

For categories with less than 30 participants, only the first 3 will be rewarded.

For the categories Poussin(ne)s to Junior(e)s the first 10 will be rewarded, for the adult categories, the first 5 will be rewarded.

Souvenir prize

Each participant who has completed the race will receive a souvenir prize upon presentation of the bib. Only those who have completed their event will receive the souvenir prize just after the finish line. Under no circumstances does the payment of the registration fee entitle the participant to the souvenir prize. If the participant has taken part and completed 2 races, then at the end of each race, he/she will receive a souvenir prize.

In particular, each participant of the relay will receive a souvenir prize at the finish. However, for the ” Parents-Children ” race, only the child will receive the souvenir prize, with the parent acting as an escort.


Disguises are part of the Marmite and are welcome. However, because of the streetcar and trolleybus cables, as well as the height under the footbridges (3m), the transport of any cumbersome object is forbidden under penalty of disqualification. In addition, in order to guarantee the safety of the runners and spectators, the Organizing Committee reserves the right to prohibit the start of the race to disguises that could represent a danger. In any case, a competitor who causes an accident because of his disguise will be held solely responsible.


A locker service is available under the tent set up for this purpose in the Parc des Bastions. Only one bag per participant will be accepted. This service is offered on a space available basis. Even though this site is guarded, the organizer cannot assume responsibility for loss, theft or damage. Please note that the lockers provided for the deposit of the bags are operated with a 2chf or 5chf coin as deposit (when you collect the bags, you also get the coin back).

Medical certificate

No medical certificate is required to register for the race, as the entire race is located in Switzerland. It is recommended to train well and be in good health.


For those participants who wish to do so, a “cancellation” insurance is available for purchase via Datasport at the time of online registration. If the cancellation insurance has not been taken out and if the participant can prove, with a medical certificate, that he/she is not fit to run on the day the race was scheduled, then a voucher for a free registration valid for the following year will be sent. Contact for this request.

Participant commitments

The participants commit themselves to scrupulously respect the safety instructions given by the Police, the Civil Protection agents, the security agents, the doctors, the samaritans, the volunteers or any other authority or person linked to the organization of the Course. They must also respect the direction of the walkways and any other formal signs. Participants are expected to be respectful of each other, the public, and all members of the organization. If they are overtaken on the route, they are sportingly invited to run on the right side of the road in order to facilitate the overtaking of other competitors. Finally, participants are asked to adopt an environmentally friendly attitude, especially by sorting their waste.


In the case of doping, the Swiss Olympics regulations apply and controls can be carried out. More information is available at


Any dispute will be finally settled by a jury of appeal chaired by Jerry Maspoli, the Course Rresident. The decision taken is not subject to any challenge or appeal.

Liability, accident and theft insurance

Competitors participate in the Race under their own and exclusive responsibility. The organizer declines all responsibility in case of damage (accident, damage, theft, loss, etc.) during the weekend of the event as well as during the various training sessions. All participants, regardless of where they live, must be personally insured for illness, accident and liability.

Data protection

By registering for the race, the competitor gives his or her permission for the publication of his or her name, surname, year of birth, place of residence (but not his or her full address), bib number, race time and ranking in the registration and results lists. This authorization extends to the publication of this information in the written and electronic media, as well as to the audio broadcast made by the race speakers. This authorization also applies to competitors registered by a third party. The photos and films made during our event can be used for written and electronic media as well as for our own promotional means or books. They do not give right to any compensation.                                                                      However, the organizer is not allowed to sell the participants’ file for commercial purposes.
For further details on the subject of data protection, please refer to the “General policy and data protection declaration” published on our website as well as that of our service provider Datasport, which can be found at The database of runners of the Course de l’Escalade is registered with the Federal Data Protection and Information Commissioner (FDPIC).


By registering, the participant authorizes or not the Course to send newsletters related to the Course; if he/she accepts, he/she has the right to unsubscribe by clicking at the bottom of the newsletter on the link provided for this purpose.

When registering, the participant will also be explicitly asked if he/she wishes to have access to his/her photos and video of his/her race published online. If the participant says no and changes his or her mind, a request must be sent within 40 days of the Course to After this period, the photos and video can no longer be activated.

Registration Limitations

In the event of restrictions imposed by public authorities or an external cause, priority will be given to the first registrants.

Updated 05.09.2022