2022 Family ranking rules and regulations


A “family”, as defined in these rules, is a minimum of 3 members, including at least one adult and at least one youth (born in 2003 or later). Blended families can be taken into account, it being specified that the organizer reserves the right to ask for supporting documents, in order to avoid any abuse. Registration for the parent-child race counts as one registration, registration of a duo for the relay counts as two.

Family registrations

Families meeting the definition under 1. register on the Datasport platform by clicking on the family registration button. Therefore, they automatically benefit from a discount of CHF 5.00 per person and per event, as long as the registrations are made in one go. There is no discount for registrations made in our offices.

It is not possible to combine the family discount and the CHF 10 discount for the same person to register for two races.

By checking the box “I wish to participate in the family ranking”, the family will participate in the family ranking according to the terms under 3. below.

After validation of the registration, if you want to register an additional family member, you can make the new registration but you will not benefit from the special discount of CHF 5. In addition, an email should be sent to inscription1@escalade.ch requesting that the new registrant be attached to the family by providing all necessary contact information. The same applies to all registrations made in our offices.

Method of calculation and classification

– Calculation of relative performance for each member classified and registered in a family

The concept of relative performance measures, on a scale of zero to one, the level at which the runner ranks in his category.

For all runners belonging to a family grouping, the performance will be calculated in relation to the category to which each competitor belongs (including Escaladélite). This performance will be expressed as the quotient of the rank obtained in relation to the total number of runners classified in this category. If for example a runner finishes 45th in his category, for a number of classified runners amounting to 900, his performance will be : 45/900 or 0.0500.

For the Escaladélite, in order not to penalize the runners of this race, the time realized in this event will be used to recalculate a theoretical classification in its age category. This theoretical rank will be taken into account in establishing the family ranking.

Only the performances of the runners in the age category races from Poussin(ne)s to Junior(e)s, the Escaladélite runners and the races by blocks of pace will be taken into account for the family classification.

– Calculation of points by family

To establish the family ranking, the sum of the three best relative performances within each family is calculated.


The first three families ranked are those with the lowest coefficient (closest to zero). They will receive a voucher from AESCHBACH SPORT CHAUSSURES worth CHF 150, CHF 100 and CHF 50 respectively.

Compatibility of the family ranking and an inter-group ranking (clubs or companies or schools).

It is possible to participate simultaneously in the family classification and in one of the inter-group classifications.

Updated: 01.09.2022