Regristrations until November 11th 2019.

The participant is reminded that by registering for the Escalade Race, he declares having read and accepted the the Escalade Race Regulations  and Data Protection Policy and Statement.

The deadline is November 11th 2019 for all registration methods. For technical and logistical reasons, no late registration will be accepted. No entry fee will be refunded in case of defection for any reason whatsoever or in case of cancellation of the event.

Individual registrations

Your estimated time will be used to determine your starting block (for the Walking and the races by time block)

In this respect, we are informing you that your historical times are available on our website’s “Results” page.

Alternatively, you can register at one of the Aeschbach stores.      


A discount of CHF 5 per person and per event is available to families with at least three members, including at least one adult and one youth (born in 2000 or later), if registration and payment are simultaneous on Datasport.

It is possible to participate in the family ranking by checking the box provided for this purpose during the registration process. Please read the Family Classification Regulations. It is possible to simultaneously participate in the family ranking and in one of the intergroup rankings (companies, clubs, schools).  

Family registrations

Group registrations

It is possible for companies, clubs, schools or other groups (associations, teams…) of at least 6 people to collect all the bibs at once. Rankings for companies, clubs and schools: please read the Intergroup Regulations.It is only possible to participate in one intergroup ranking.

Group registrations

Verification of registration :

No registration confirmation will be sent to participants who registered in Aeschbach stores. In general, any participant can check that his name appears on the start lists that are updated every night. We wish to inform people registering at Aeschbach that their registration may not be recorded for several days after payment is made

Inter-group and Family rewards

Special prizes of CHF 500.-, CHF 200.- and CHF 100.- respectively, offered by the SIMON BORGA TOITURES Company will be awarded to the three best performing clubs, schools and companies, pursuant to the regulations available on the website www. The three top-ranked families will receive a voucher from AESCHBACH Sport Shoes worth CHF 300.-, CHF 200.- and CHF 100 respectively.