Date of the race

Saturday 5th of December 2020

Race audience

Young people born between 2001-2010 and adults born in 2000 and before

Starting point of the race

Chemin des Rasses, Veyrier

Arrival point of the race

Parc des Bastions, Genève

Lengh of the race

8.720 km (5.418 miles)

Denive of the race

+68 m (+220 ft) / -112 m (-367 ft)

Interactive tour

Starting time of the race

Welcome to Veyrier from 5.00 pm. Walking departures from 7.15 pm

Access to Veyrier

Access to Veyrier to private vehicles will no longer be possible from 6.30 pm. Free shuttles from rue de Candolle will take walkers to Veyrier between 4:30 pm and 6:30 pm. Shuttle departure times will be assigned according to the departure block.

Race timekeeping

As this is a non-competitive event, no ranking will be established. On the other hand, a walking chip time is recorded for each participant and published alphabetically. There will be no special awards

Distribution of walkers

In blocks according to estimated time (during registration).

Time limit : 

Time limit is set at 2 hours. Therefore, for security reasons, walkers who wouldn’t reach crossing points within the below mentionned time limit would be overtaken by the sweep vehicle and would go on walking outside of any surveillance and under their own responsibility.

Crossing points Distance (meters)
Walking time max Time limit
Rond-point route de Veyrier/Vessy
2400 34 8:35 pm
Pont de Vessy 4200 60 9:00 pm
Pont de la Fontenette 5700 81 9:20 pm


Find here the musical entertainment program.


Directed by  Marie-Claude Suchet and Catherine Wyssen.

Directed by Jonathan Imhof