Children and young people’s races

Parent-child races

New: To introduce the 4 and 5-year old’s to the Escalade Race and prepare them to run alone in the future. The accompanying person must be at least 16 years old. Only one person in charge per child.

Categories and prizes

The net time taken by each participant will be published in alphabetical order (surname of child’s family).

Race starting point
Rue de la Croix Rouge, Genève 

Race finishing point
Parc des Bastions, Genève

Young children – Primary school children and juniors

Categories and prizes

Children will be assigned to categories according to their age, results will be published in chronological order (gross time taken). The first 10 runners of each group to reach the finishing line will receive a reward to be collected from the tent in Promenade des Bastions: timetable for prize collection

Lieu de départ des courses
Le départ de toutes ces courses a lieu sur la rue de la Croix-Rouge dans une zone allant de la Place Neuve jusqu’au début de la rue de l’Athénée, fermée au public et dans laquelle les enfants sont complètement pris en charge par notre organisation.See the map of the starting area

Race starting point
The start of the race takes place on rue de la Croix-Rouge, in an area from Place Neuve to the start of rue de l’Athénée. This will be closed off from the public and children will be entirely taken care of by our organisation.
See the Children’s village

Interactive route: Click here

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