Children and young people’s races

Date of the race

Sunday 1 december 2019

Race audience

Children and young people born between 2004 and 2013

Starting point of the race

The starting point for all races is on the rue de la Croix-Rouge, in a zone extending from the Place Neuve up to the start of the rue de l’Athénée, which is closed to the public and in which children are completely taken care of by our organizing team.

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Arrival point of the race

On arrival, Poussin(e)s and Ecolier(ère)s meet up again with their parents at the « Village des enfants », an area reserved exclusively for them in the upper right hand part of Promenade des Bastions. Details of this arrangement will be contained in the envelope with your child’s bib.

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Lengh of the race

between 1’810 km and 4.832 km depends on the category (age)

Denive of the race

according to course/category

Interactive tour

Starting time of the race

First start 10:00 am Download

Race timekeeping

An age ranking is established according to the chronological order of arrival.

Rewards :

The first 10 riders of each category will be rewarded under the tent located on the Bastions Promenade.

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