Adult races

Date of the race

Saturday 1st december and sunday 2nd december 2018

Race audience

Adult races : By time block, Mixed and Elite

Starting point of the race

Rue de la Croix Rouge, Geneva

Arrival point of the race

Parc des Bastions, Geneva

Lengh of the race

By time block : 7,323 km (3 laps) or 4,832 km (2 laps). Mixed : 7,323 km (3 laps) or 4,832 km (2 laps). Escaladélite : 7,323 km (3 laps).

Denive of the race

see interactive course

Interactive tour

Starting time of the race

Race timekeeping

By time block : chip time (except races 1 : gun time) ; Mixed : chip time ; Escaladélite : gun time

How to choose your race ? :


The starting time and time-category will be communicated by email to participants at the latest 10 days before the race. This information will also be printed on bibs and will be available to consult on the starting lists.

Rankings and Rewards

Each runner having finished his event will receive, at the end of it, a souvenir prize. In addition, each runner will be able to take the cup of the Course, offered by SIG, which he will receive during the supplies on arrival. No souvenir prices or cup are sent.

By time block

Ranking by age category, chip time (except races 1 : gun time)

The first 10 riders of each category will be rewarded under the tent located on the Bastions Promenade.
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Given the hedonistic philosophy of these events, there will be no special rewards.

The chip time is recorded for each participant and published alphabetically. 

The participants of these races can also participate in the intergroup ranking, as long as the women run 2 laps and the men 3 laps.


A ranking for the women and one for the men, gun time

The first thirty men and twenty first women will be rewarded. For the top three, the trophy ceremony for the Escaladélite categories takes place on the podium near the finish line, immediately after the race.

André Perroud Challenge

In memory of our friend André Perroud, former technical director who disappeared in 2008, a special prize will be awarded to the first Genevois and the first Genevoise in the “Junior (e) s” category. The two winners are invited to announce themselves to the organizer, to the podium under the big tent during the distribution of the prizes for the Junior (e) s.

Distribution of runners


By time block

The blocks are formed at the end of registrations, according to the number of registrants and the race time: the time chosen will be the time estimated by the participant at the time of registration.


There is no difference between the Mixed races of Saturday or Sunday. The participant chooses the day during the registration.


In this race, starts the international elite, that is to say the international and national high-level athletes, invited by the organizer. Other confirmed runners from Junior(e)s also take part in this race, under the following conditions: Click here