2021 News : Marked training routes

Discover new outdoor running or walking routes, in Bernex

The marked training route put together by the Municipality of Bernex and the Course de l’Escalade has identical length and elevation to the one of the traditional race in Geneva’s old town. It also offers the possibility of a digital experience with voice guidance and real-time information with Runnin’City app.
It is therefore possible to stay in shape and practice physical activity in a safe and pleasant environment. Each and everyone can run the route individually and at any time, respecting health standards and barrier gestures (see OFSP recommendations).
Get ready for your next Course de l’Escalade the 4th and 5th December 2021 and share your training experience on social media with the hashtag #parcoursescalade !
Other marked and audio-guided routes are being prepared with other municipalities of Geneva.
These routes are the responsibility of each individual. Please be aware of the traffic rules at all time.

The routes :

Routes in partnership with AvailableMapKm
All year, from the 17th of March 2021.
Starting at the info point on the map.
2.40 km
All year, from the 4th of June 2021.
Starting at the info point on the map.

All year, from the 30th of August 2021.
Starting at the info point on the map.

4,91 km
7.65 km

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