General measures

Following the new rules from the State Council, the mask is now mandatory for everyone aged 12 and over in all the event.
Please get inform of the other speicific rules here:

More info about COVID certificate

To ensure everyone’s safety, all participants, staff and volunteers aged 16 and over must have a COVID certificate with QR-code (Swiss or European) and an ID to participate and access the restricted areas (departure and Escaladexpo). The information on your ID must be identical to the information on the COVID certificate (name, first name, date of birth). You will get a daily wristband.
The COVID certificate and ID must be presented each day of the event (example: if a runner runs Saturday and Sunday, they have to present their documents both days).
Walking: you can get your wristband directly at Veyrier by presenting your COVID certificate and ID there.

More information about the OFSP measures

The directive OFSP measures must be followed. The wearing of the mask is mandatory for the removal of bibs (located exceptionally outside the Escaladexpo tent).


  • The self tests don’t act as COVID certificate.
  • There will be no opportunity for one-site testing.