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Vous pouvez acheter des articles de sport avec le dessin de J.P. Kalonji l’artiste de la 41e Course de l’Escalade Lors de votre achat 10% du chiffre d’affaire revient à l’hôte d’honneur de la 41e Course de l’Escalade : L’association […]

Nutrition advices 6 : running in a fasted state

In various sports athletes aim for lightness and muscular power, so they can maintain speed over a long time (in running or cycling), or can be « explosive » (boxing) or lift one’s weight (climbing). This is called the power-to-weight […]

Nutrition advices 4: What if it was better “without” ?

Gluten-free, sugar-free, FODMAP-free diets, or excluding dairy or any other animal source food. There are plenty of such diets, which some of them have a mediatized and successful athlete as ambassador. Among the benefits claimed: improved performances and digestive comfort, […]

Nutrition advice 3: Recovery

Even with the best training plan, neglecting recovery, in terms of rest and nutrition could ruin your preparation and your race. After a run, learn how to give your body back what it needs, so you can keep training and […]