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The most spectacular views of the race are “La Treille”, Bourg-de-Four, rue de la Pélisserie,
rue Saint-Léger, rue Etienne-Dumont and of course the entire Promenade des Bastions.
Moreover and newly this year, la place Neuve

The “Marmite” Race goes through the Low Streets.

Accesses inside the Promenade des Bastions are facilitated by footbridges.
Due to these footbridgeses and the large amount of people, it is not recommended to come with a stroller. Pictures of the 41st Escalade Run will be broadcasted on a giant screen in Place Neuve

Arts and Music

Come and support runners by doing openair giggs throughout the race.

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Le chapiteau

Le Chapiteau is set up within la Promenade des Bastions, in front of the Réformateurs wall. It is here that bibs distribution, Escaladexpo and price distribution take place. The tent also welcoming bar and restaurant.

“Fourchette verte” meal

Hot meal with “Fourchette Verte” label will be served inside the tent.

Disguises contest

At the end of “La Marmite” race, the party continue under the big tent with a parade of the best disguises.

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Come discover the new Course de l’Escalade’s clothing line.


An important exposition of sports equipment, also sport medicine stand will take place under the big tent within la Promenade des Bastions.

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Kids animations

Kids can enjoy bouncy castle of Yatouland and other different animations are dedicated for them.

Under the Bastions’s tent, games are set up by UBS and SIG.

Within la Promenade des Bastions, kids will have the opportunity to ride Bonaventure’s dunkey.

Moreover a carousel offered by Aeschbach will be available next to the “kiosque à  musique”