This special edition will see the birth of a covid-free Village, inside which will be our Escaladexpo, a tent of over 2000 m2. This Village will give the possibility to the covid certificate holders to find our sponsors and partners, the bag storage for the participants, the catering, the podium where the prize-giving takes place as well as you, exhibitors.

Features of the exhibition

  • Crossing point for the bag storage;
  • Exhibition open to all persons holding the covid certificate and all persons under 16 years old;
  • An audience coming to learn, test and buy;
  • An opportunity to promote your brand and gain visibility with a targeted audience.

Features of a stand

  • The stands will be converted into modules of 3 x 3 m (9 m2).
  • The rental price is fixed at CHF 800.- per module;
  • One module includes a table, two chairs and a power supply;
  • It is possible to vary the width of the stand according to the desire of each exhibitor;
  • The location will be determined by the organizer and communicated when sending the confirmation;
  • The equipment suppliers will be able to sell products only through AESCHBACH Sport Shoes stores, Geneva, sponsor of the event.

Opening time

  • Saturday : 9h00-18h30
  • Sunday : 9h00-15h00